Welcome to Main Road School.

Main Road Elementary School is one of three elementary schools in Franklin Township. The school currently houses over 400 students in grades 3 and 4. Our primary goal is to provide the children with a firm academic foundation with which they can build upon as fifth graders at Caroline Reutter Elementary School. Students are provided with experiences in all major subject areas. A typical school day may include mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, health, library, music, art, physical education, computer literacy, world language, study skills, and social skills.

Our mission is to encourage academic excellence and provide the life skills necessary to become well-rounded, productive adults. Extracurricular activities include, Art Club, Leadership Club, instrumental lessons, chorus, and several after-school enrichment clubs.

We are very proud of the students and their motto ”Main Road Has The Recipe For Success!”. The children receive much more than a text book education. Dedicated staff members, diligent students, and supportive parents continue to work together to produce life-long thinkers and life-long learners with hope that they will give back to the community as adults and become productive global citizens.

Ms. Nicole Inverso