School Supplies


Main Road School

Grade 3 and 4

Students entering 3rd/4th grade should have the following items:

1 zipper pencil pouch

1 pair of scissors

2 highlighters

3 “pocket folders”

24 #2 pencils with erasers

1 class size (shareable) hand sanitizer

3 boxes of tissues

1 book bag or backpack

4 glue sticks (.74 oz. to 1.41 oz. size is recommended)

1 set of inexpensive earbuds

3 small (3x3) post-its

10 (black or blue only) dry erase markers

1 small dry board eraser

2 pens

This is a “general list” for Main Road students.  Individual homeroom teachers may have additional requirements which will be discussed on the first day of school.

Families with financial difficulties may contact the school for assistance at 697-0220.

We’re looking forward to a fantastic school year.